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Radiographs recycling.

Radiographs (x-ray films) contain silver, we at B.W. Recycling, Inc refine the silver from old radiographs, the silver is recovered and the plastic is recycled as well.

There are many uses for radiographs, it first started as medical, but now a days there are many field they are used such as lithographic, industrial and even nuclear industry uses the radiographs these has to be disposed of in the most proper way possible.

Radiography film recycling is very important for the environment as well as to the economy, film that end up in a landfill is harming in a few ways:

  1. The radiography film (x-ray film) is sitting in landfills and polluting our drinking water.
  2. Plastic which is gas is going down landfill as well.
  3. Silver is not reclaimed and we are loosing our natural resources.
  4. Owners of the films does not get paid for it as they should.
  5. Recycling companies are not making a profit on the radiograph recycling process.

We provide a HIPAA compliant certificate of destruction for your x-ray films, and we pay you by the lbs for the new weight of film we received, our program assures you:

  1. Free pick-up anywhere in the US.
  2. Total destruction of the radiographs. (x-ray films).
  3. 100% earth friendly process.
  4. Payment for the silver recovered.
  5. HIPAA compliant certificate of destruction.

Please look at the chart below to find out how the recycling program works.

If you have any x-ray film for recycling, please fill out this form and we will contact you with the information you need.



Organization Name:

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Approximate weight of film for disposal:



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 X-ray film silver recovery - recycling program:

Step 1.


Step 2.


Step 3.

Make sure what type of radiographs you have, if it is medical or any other type if your radiographs are exposed or non exposed.


Call us to 877-217-7020 and schedule a pick-up,


We will pick-up the old radiographs (x-ray films) in or out of the paper jackets.


We will mail you a check for the silver we recovered from your x-rays and provide you with a HIPAA complaint certificate of destruction.

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